Customizable Pricing Guide: General Entrepreneur

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  • Gorgeously designed 6-page Pricing Guide for Entrepreneurs makes that "Sooo, how much do you cost?" question from potential customers no longer awkward... and makes you look oh-so-pro while answering it!
  • Includes both Photoshop (.PSD) and InDesign (.INDD) formats for customizing with your choice of program
  • Included copy is professionally written by Jenna to make sure you sound incredibly professional while helping you sell your products and services - just customize her words to YOUR brand!
  • Included instruction sheet gives you access to the members-only JK Design Tutorial Library on Vimeo so that you can customize this template like a BOSS in minutes!

Give me the deets

No one ever told you that being an entrepreneur meant having to make it look like you have it alllll together. And let’s be honest: talking about what you charge ranks at the top of the awkward-meter. So what if I told you that I have a solution to allll the things that give you hives when you get the email that asks, “How much do you cost?”

It’s time to get your hands on my totally customizable pricing guide...all you have to do is drag in your photos, your pricing, and brag about yo’self a little bit, too! Not only is this guide going to make you look totally legit, it’s going to help you stand out in a sea of other people doing what you’re doing (AND it’s going to answer that “price” question with one simple click to attach your custom pricing guide). BOOM, you’re killin’ it!