Customizable Brand Style Guide

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  • Includes both Photoshop (.PSD) and InDesign (.INDD) formats for customizing with your choice of program
  • Saves you loads of time and money by combining your brand's visual specs into one gorgeous, easy-to-understand PDF (or printable) for sharing with your design crew!
  • Included instruction sheet gives you access to the members-only JK Design Tutorial Library on Vimeo so that you can customize this template like a BOSS in minutes!

Give me the deets

We’ve all browsed Pinterest and saw those gorgeous branding guides all laid out from colors and logos to fonts and inspiration. Guess what? Now you can have your own branding board. It’s an incredibly helpful visual way to lay out the vibe and feel of your brand while also having a tool you can pass on to any designer who designs for you. Imagine the ease of being able to send off one doc with alllll the goodies that sum up the visual side of your brand (without paying thousands to get it all laid out in one place!).

Whether you’ve created your own brand from scratch or you’ve worked with a design genius, this branding guide will be a reminder to keep your brand on point while serving as a tool to make sure that everyone knows exactly what’s “on brand” for you - all while you keep dominating the world from behind your screen!