Customizable Project Proposal

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  • Gorgeously designed 6-page Project Proposal template for all entrepreneurs that makes clients go WOW while presenting your project vision, scope, timeline, and cost estimate clearly and effectively as an investment

  • Whether you're a photographer, designer, educator, or service professional, this template is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for providing estimates for ANY kind of custom project!

  • Includes both Photoshop (.PSD) and InDesign (.INDD) formats for customizing with your choice of program

  • Included copy is professionally written by Jenna (trust, she's been in your shoes!) to make sure you sound incredibly professional while helping you book those clients in amazing style - just customize her words to YOUR brand and project!

Give me the deets

Have you ever wondered what to send someone when you're trying to propose a project? Sick of sending an email with itemized lines and price points and want to look more legit? Wish you had a way to set expectations, lay out timelines, and set parameters for each project? Look no further. Our project proposal will have you hitting "send" with confidence knowing you're kicking off the client experience with a "WOW" that will leave them so excited to work with you!