Email Marketing 101: A Guide to Master Email Marketing

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  • 20-page Email Success Guide is loaded with allll of Jenna's best-kept secrets: from taking your email list from zero to 100,000 all the way to driving BIG profits through email marketing, Jenna's got you totally covered!
  • Beautifully designed .PDF for an easy, comprehensible read
  • Includes three printable sheets for planning out YOUR email marketing strategy

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You keep hearing top marketers tell you “It’s allll in the list, it’s all in the list.” And you have no clue what list they could possibly be talking about because the only list you’re looking at is: your to-do list. Yeah, it’s my #1 business regret that I didn’t start growing my email list sooner and since I hate regrets, I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did… waiting.

Email marketing is the #1 way I drive big profits in my business and I put together an INCREDIBLE guide to walk you through how to find the same success in email list building. It’s not as scary / confusing / frustrating as you’re imagining and you DON’T have to sound like a scammy salesman to make the sale! Let me walk you through how to serve your audience with the right offers until the time comes for you to sell (and let me make ya a success so that when you hit send, you make the sale!).