The Jenna Kutcher Lightroom Preset Collection

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  • 20+ of Jenna's FAVORITE Lightroom Presets that she personally uses on a daily basis!
  • Includes 10 color presets, 10 black & white presets, and extra bonus presets for sharpening, adding grain, and MORE
  • Includes bonus .XMP file set for editing your RAW images in Photoshop with Jenna's presets!
  • Speed up your workflow while making your images lovely, light, & bright

Give me the deets

Alright, alright, no one ever told you becoming a photographer meant reallllly being tethered to your computer for hours upon hours editing every single image with care. In fact, it would probably be more accurate to just title ourselves as editors first since we are spending about 80% of our time making our images perfect inside of Lightroom.

That’s why I am PUMPED to give you my 20 FAVORITE editing presets. These are presets that can speed up your workflow, give you that light and bright feel without looking too trendy and make your black and white photos sing with emotion. That’s right: 20 custom presets made by yours truly so you can speed up your work, create timeless, beautiful images, AND get back to what you love: shooting.