Jenna's Styled Stock Images

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  • 10 Instagram-worthy Stock Styled Images taken by Jenna for personal or commercial use in YOUR brand!
  • Includes three versions of each styled scene in high-resolution JPEG format: Vertical, Horizontal, and Square
  • Use these styled scenes to show off your website, make an eye-catching promo graphic, or post as-is to your social media can use however you choose!

Give me the deets

Let me guess, you scroll through your camera roll and NOTHING looks “Instagram worthy” OR you’re wondering how everyone has white, bright homes and yours is filled with shadows (and cobwebs!). Or maybe you bought one of the awesome customizable guides but you have no branded photos to include…or maybe you just want some white, bright photos to use alllll over social media, your website...the whole nine-yards. Regardless, I’ve got you 10 shots (delivered BOTH landscape and portrait!) for you to use as you choose.

Whether you want to add some text and share an announcement, drop in a shot of your laptop screen to show off a page or website, or leave 'em as-is (because let’s be honest, they’re pretty just the way they are!)...grab these styled shots and start making your brand look even more legit than it already is!