Customizable Pricing Guide: General Photography

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  • Gorgeously designed 6-page Pricing Guide for Photographers makes that "Sooo, how much do you cost?" question from potential clients no longer awkward... and convinces them why they HAVE to hire you while answering it!
  • Includes both Photoshop (.PSD) and InDesign (.INDD) formats for customizing with your choice of program
  • Included copy is professionally written by Jenna (trust, she's been here too!) to make sure you sound incredibly professional while helping you sell your photography and products - just customize her words to YOUR brand!
  • Included instruction sheet gives you access to the members-only JK Design Tutorial Library on Vimeo so that you can customize this template like a BOSS in minutes!

Give me the deets

You’re a photographer! Awesome! Something tells me you’re amazing behind that lens… but what about behind that keyboard? Maybe not-so-much? What happens when someone sends you that sweet lil’ message on Facebook saying: “How much do you cost?”. Yeah, you probably slam your fist into your head and think to yourself: I wish I could just attach a file and avoid all this awkward back and forth!

That’s why this pricing guide is gonna be a savior for ya. All you have to do is drop in your images, your prices, and a little bit about how great you are (no need for humble-brags here, it’s all about YOU!). Now’s your time to stand out, hit send with confidence, and have a pricing guide that speaks to the epic experience you can offer and what the investment looks like.