Printable Social Media Planning Sheets

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  • Includes 7 comprehensively designed social media planning sheets (with allll of Jenna's wisdom) to plan out your Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest strategies, mass emails, blog posts, AND trackers to set goals and see how you're doing!
  • Includes both Photoshop (.PSD) and high-res printable .PDF formats for either customizing to make 'em just how you want OR hassle free print-and-go
  • Allows you to plan out every detail of your social media strategies just the way Jenna does hers!
  • Included instruction sheet gives you access to the members-only JK Design Tutorial Library on Vimeo so that you can customize this template like a BOSS in minutes!

Give me the deets

Everyone tells you that planning your content out in advance will save your hours of frustration and time staring at that blinking cursor wondering “What the heck do I even have to say?”. BUUUTTTT...truth is you’ve never really acted on it and you’ve wasted time trying to convince yourself that you don’t really need to plan, ya’re just that good!

But what would it look like if you had gorgeous sheets you could use to plan out your content for alllll the platforms? How would your week change if you knew what post was going up on what day and what you were going to say in it? What would it look like to be able to see your overall strategy and big picture on a piece of paper in front of you? I think it would be: MAGIC...  Basically, you just need to get these social media planning sheets so that you can get your act together and rock social media while having a pretty plan to guide ya!