Customizable Signature Calligraphy Wedding Magazine

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  • 32-page Magazine for Wedding Photographers imprints your brand in the minds of brides FOREVER
  • Gorgeously designed in Jenna's signature brand style with calligraphy hand-drawn by Jenna herself!
  • Includes both Photoshop (.PSD) and InDesign (.INDD) formats for customizing with your choice of program
  • Included copy is professionally written by Jenna (filled to the brim with all the knowledge she gained from shooting 125+ weddings, PLUS two fully written articles on how to make your wedding day stress-free AND how to get amazing engagement images) - just customize her words to YOUR brand!
  • Includes 2 professionally written articles, photographer introduction, photographer bio, pricing & collections, client testimonials, a full wedding planning worksheet for your clients, how to book, and MUCH more!
  • Included instruction sheet gives you access to the members-only JK Design Tutorial Library on Vimeo so that you can customize this template like a BOSS and get it printed from or digitally published in minutes!
  • BONUS: Includes Jenna's calligraphy elements as separate .PNG files for you to use in any template!

Give me the deets

I’m probably not supposed to have favorites, but heaven help me: THIS MAGAZINE IS A GAME CHANGER. That’s right: you’re stuck in a sea of other wedding photographers asking yourself, “What makes me different?” and I’m over here waving this bad boy in the air screaming “THIS!”. If you’re wondering how to stand out, how to give your clients an incredible experience, how to set expectations in a gentle, branded, incredibly designed way! (If I do say so, myself.) I wanted to include some special elements and pieces that make this feel personal and high-end without the potential of being duplicated, so I have incorporated custom hand-drawn elements (created by yours truly!) and inspired by the Jenna Kutcher brand!

You can print this off and send it to clients or keep it digital and click send with the link. Regardless, you’re going to be doing SO many things when you deliver it: you’ll be imprinting your brand in their minds forever, reminding them why you are the PERFECT choice, setting yourself up for success on their wedding day, and giving them images to imagine themselves in. Trust me: this one’s a keeper.