20 Essential Email Responses for Wedding Photographers

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  • Includes 20 pre-made email responses professionally written by Jenna
  • Covers LOADS of topics ranging from how to gracefully respond in lots of common situations all the way to preparing your clients right before their wedding, working with vendors and MUCH more!
  • Formatted in an easy-to-navigate .PDF file that you can copy in paste in SECONDS
  • Greatly improves your clients' experience working with you while saving lots of time

Give me the deets

Let’s be honest: email is sucking up wayyyyyy too much of your time. Not to mention, you get too many emails you wish you could un-see because you have no clue how to respond. No one ever told you that being a photographer ALSO meant being your own customer service representative...and you KNOW that client experience matters!

Take these email templates, put your spin on ‘em, and start saving hours upon hours each day (not to mention, imagine how good it would feel to hit “send” with confidence)! Consider me your wedding photography fairy godmother in your inbox because life is about to get a whole lot easier with these 20 essential email responses.