Jenna's Ultimate Guide to Couple's Posing

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  • This isn't just your average posing guide: beautifully features Jenna's 15 tried and true poses, variations on each, AND what to say to your clients to get them (complete with directorial cues) in easy to follow magazine-style layouts!
  • Includes two versions: A high-resolution PDF for viewing on your computer or mobile device, AND a high-resolution printable PDF to print your posing guide with as a physical book! 
  • Instructions are so detailed and clear, it's literally like having Jenna in your own back pocket as you shoot!

Give me the deets

You have a Pinterest board of posing inspiration...but when it comes time to actually direct your couples, you freeze. What the heck do you say to actually make them do those things naturally? How do you tell them where to put their hands, and what in heaven’s name do you do when you feel completely and utterly stuck? Worry no more friend, I’ve got your back (and your couples will thank both of us for working together)!  

This download includes my 15 tried and true poses, variations of each, AND what to say to get your clients to do them. For when you’re stuck, when you feel like a broken record, OR when you’re just making sure you “got ‘em all.” You can download it, print it off, heck, you can even keep it on your phone so that when you’re stuck at a session you can get the perfect dose of inspiration with one swipe of your thumb. So that you’ll never stand there and say “Ummmm, just kiss” again.